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Pastel painting of a brilliant blue lake inlet surrounded by vibrant fall foliage with Tetons in the background by Mary Benke

Upcoming Show: "Lyrical Landscapes"

Featured artist show at the Art Center of Estes Park April 30- June 7, 2021

I am delighted to be the featured artist at the Art Center of Estes Park from April 30- June 7. For the show, which I’m calling “Lyrical Landscapes,” I’ve explored some new techniques. I created some highly textural oil pieces, with the use of water-mixable oil paints, cold wax and some unique implements including a silicone bowl scraper, spatulas, a steak knife (!), along with more traditional brushes and palette knives. I’m also concentrated on developing distinctive “mark making” techniques in my pastel paintings. 

I find that painting opportunities exist everywhere. I work primarily from photos of my travels and explorations, often doing a quick thumbnail color sketch on site. In the studio, I focus on not only re-creating the scene, but evoking the senses and feelings experienced during the time the photo/sketch was captured. Included in this show are a few “imagined” landscapes—places that I wish existed but that don’t, at least I haven’t found them yet….