My artwork combines the creative use of texture, color, and design to evoke emotion and a strong sense of imagery. My expressive landscapes, appealing animal portraits, and intriguing city scenes combine my eye for design and love of travel and nature. 

I find that painting opportunities exist everywhere. I work primarily from photos of my travels and explorations, often doing a quick thumbnail color sketch on site. In the studio, I focus on not only re-creating the scene, but evoking the senses and feelings experienced during the time the photo/sketch was captured. 

I am drawn to the luminosity of watercolor and the vibrant textures of pastel and oil. I also enjoy combining my favorite media and doing collage and mixed media work. The unique use of line and texture is a consistent element throughout my paintings. Although I work in a variety of media, I strive to use these linear and textural undercurrents to produce work that brings meaning to the subject. 

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.—Paul Cezanne

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